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before totally losing interest. 

The gorgeous weather this last week or so had me wishing I had some people with similar schedules to go on a hike or some other such fun. 

Anyone up for giving this another shot? 

CSUN Sports - Dodgeball

Hey guys this is a podcast about a college student who loves to play dodgeball. Hope you guys enjoy it!

For more info check us out at,


Are any of you out there runners? I am a VERY new runner (I'm in Week 4 of the Couch to 5k program), and wonder if any of you are in a similar training space and would like to get together to run?

Volleyball update

Still Sunday @ 2p. Still Colonel Summers Park but NOT at the official volleyball area (by the basketball courts). I cruised the park this morning and there is no net.

I am going to buy/bring a cheapie backyard net to set up just past rightfield, sorta near the building. First person to show wins the chance to untangle me from the ropes. :)


I only have to work one job this weekend so let's play. I'm suggesting Colonel Summers Park @ 2p Sunday the 17th. That would be two days from now. I'm thinking that at least three other folks need to commit to make it worthwhile. I'll bring a ball.

I can't very well hyperlink from my phone. The park is on Belmont and runs from 18th to 20th. The 15 bus stops right by it.

Who's in?


Hey, hope you all had a lovely time on the walk today, I wish I could have made it.  Alas, I had to work... but the nice weather has me wanting to get outside and play volleyball.  I have a crazy need to play volleyball on a sand court instead of some stuffy gym somewhere, and am hoping I can get someone else interested.  Bueller?  Bueller?

If we can round up enough people, I'm thinking tomorrow around five.  If that doesn't work, we could always do it some other time. 

Here are some parks that supposedly have volleyball courts.  Anyone have any actual experience with any of them? 

Thoughts?  Ideas?

Scratch tonight...so let's move on...

Okay, then. So, OMSI After Dark is most likely a no go since it was pointed out in the comments of the last post that it was probably last week (which was the fourth Wednesday of the month) and the website makes no mention of anything happening tonight. Sucks!

But never fear!! We shall be doing something.

So...the question is, when is a good time for you all? I'm thinking...a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, either next weekend or the weekend after...a nice city walk from the book I mention two posts ago. I'll have to dig out that book and see what walk would be a good one to do. And I'm the kind of person who would do it rain or shine. :)

Thoughts? Suggestions?