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Let's Meet Up

lost_dorothyhad a great idea about meeting up tomorrow night for OMSI After Dark. I was going to leave it to her to make a post, but in the interest of giving everyone as much of an early heads up as possible, I'll go ahead and do it. :) Hope you don't mind, lost_dorothy!

Anyone interested in making this a sort of meet up? I'm going to go either way...but if you all want to come, it would be fun to match names to faces.

Hey guys!

I was so excited to see so many people interested in something like this. Starting a new comm seemed like the best idea for organizing it.

My idea was to build a group or club for people like me. I'm overweight, but I really want to be more active and meet people...and just have some fun.

Anyone can join...thin or fat, but the idea is to get those who tend to be inactive (again...like me) or shy away from activity for whatever reason, out and about and having some fun. The reason I said it's for fat people is that sometimes overweight people shy away from being active around thin people. Maybe not. I used to be that way. :)

I do my own exercise to tone and what not, but it might be cool to get together for a group training session once a month...or maybe we can just do something fun like a game of soccer (it would be silly because I don't know how to play)...or we can just take a hike up Mt. Tabor. I mean...whatever it takes to get us together, and outside (or inside), and having fun.

Join and post your ideas!

I'll be thinking up something to do in the next couple of weeks...maybe a walk from Laura Foster's book, Portland Hill Walks. It might be a good, low key way of meeting each other, and seeing what we like doing.


Let's Get Active!

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